Our Story

As an international teacher, principal and educational consultant, I had the opportunity to live in many countries and learn about many cultures. One of my favorite pastimes living abroad was exploring local markets. I loved the fresh organic fruit and vegetable market but I also loved artistic markets. I also loved supporting women and families directly. I knew that my continued purchase would make a difference in their lives. 

Over the years, I became more involved with local artists. I learned more about their dedication and survival through craftsmanship. The craftsmanship and artwork has been passed down from generation to generation. I develop a friendship bond with these women. They brought me to see their families in small towns, they showed me their home and their artwork. I came to realize how fortunate I was, being there was an eye-opening experience. As I prepared my return to the United States, the idea was launched to continue supporting the women.

I embark on a mission to help these local women artisans to expose their artwork and being able to help them financially to improve their lives and empower them. When I talk about empowering women, it is not only exhibiting and selling their products. It is about providing education and tools for them to grow personally, professionally and economically

This is where Mapacha boutique was born. We are committed to paying the fair market price and fair trade with our women artisans. On top of that, 5% of the profit for each item sold will be given to the artist. We are committed to providing education through classes, computers and training for the women and their children. 

I want you to think Mapacha is not just another brand but I want you to think that buying ONE piece matters to these women artisans. One piece can make a difference to having food on the table, providing education to their children, and sometimes literally having water or a roof at their home. You might not think that buying one piece can make a difference, but I’m here to tell you that it does. 

As Mapacha boutique grows, I will continue to put my focus on finding high-quality handmade products from women artisans all around the world, while making a lasting friendship along the way. I hope one day, with your support, Mapacha boutique will support larger women artisans worldwide; empowering women and improving the quality of life for them and for their children. This will be a huge win for women all over the world.

Stephanie Margetts

Founder, Mapacha boutique


Our Mission

Mapacha boutique’s mission is to expose local women artisans’ artworks in the hopes of improving lives and empowering these women. Our goal is to support the women artisans’ creativity, their passion for artworks, and their communities. We honor their culture and exercise fair trade. 

When you buy a piece of our products, you help a woman in need which gives them security, joy, and prosperity.


Our Vision

Our vision for Mapacha boutique is to create a boutique where artistic work is bound together for sharing common hopes and dreams while empowering communities  through education. 

We are creating a network for women to expose their artworks while preserving their culture. 

We don’t interfere with our artisans’ creativity. We respect the cultural and artisanal traditions. We provide a free space for them to be creative and develop an increased sense of self worth.  We want them to create a piece that they love and communicate their art through the bags and accessories.